There is undeniable irony in the religious right, who believe they are following God’s will in their endorsement, support, and deification of Donald Trump. His Republican Regime is built on propaganda, social engineering, and endless lies. Christians should recognize this behavior as being congruent with the biblical “Father-of-Lies,” aka Satan. Churches have been futilely warning people … More Alt-Christ

Devastating Denial

Perhaps the most mind-boggling paradox of the human condition is our unwillingness to accept facts that could prevent us from a future of despair. Preconceived notions and inherent privileges are our drugs of choice. An excellent example of this and one with which I am intimately familiar is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Prevention educators have … More Devastating Denial

Why Human Rights?

Life is a test of strength and endurance. Our purpose is to grow into the person we were always meant to be. There is only one rule: we must do so without harming anyone or anything. Impossible, you say? Maybe so; however, attempting to meet this challenge makes us fully human. Otherwise, we are predators … More Why Human Rights?

Diversity Matters

I went to a sign waving rally in front of Congressman Ron DeSantis’ office recently. A handful of Trump supporters crashed it before most of us arrived. The contrast between the opposing groups was stunning. We had an extremely diverse group with mostly positive messages of welcoming immigrants in our community. The opposition simply chanted … More Diversity Matters

After Deception

During this past year, many of us have seen the masks disappear from the faces in our social networks. We have been shocked, dismayed, and angered by their betrayal, especially after we worked so hard at building relationships with them despite their overbearing demeanors. Now that they have shown their true colors, we have been … More After Deception