Honor and Despair


I disagree with my husband, but I honor him as a friend, my spouse, and a worthy human being. During those rare times that I used derogatory language with him, it was ME who had lost control and was acting irrationally.  In fact, there are people I don’t like much, and although I avoid contact with them as much as possible, I am usually respectful to them.  I try to avoid back-biting and gossip because I want to be a good human being without getting pulled into the drama.

These days, it’s almost fashionable to disrespect people to fluff up one’s own ego. Narcissism is the norm among the masses and that is not cool.  Hate is dividing societies in ways we have never seen before.  Perceived loss of power is at the root of the anger stew that we are drowning in.  We want it, but someone else is preventing us from obtaining it. This is the hierarchy of the animal kingdoms, yet we are not animals!

As intelligent beings, we must realize what makes us different than the animals is the ability to reason and our capacity for compassion.  We should feed those instincts instead of our base desires for comfort and control.  Until we realize that, everyone loses as the cycle of despair destroys all that we hold near and dear.  It is time to move forward as a human race because otherwise, history has the tendency to repeat itself.


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