War and Peace


Peace is not the natural state of the world. Unfortunately, mankind has preferred war as a method of “conflict resolution” since the beginning of recorded history. We need only look towards the middle east to see how the remnants can destroy the human spirit. Despair and revenge have taken control of the lives of many of those poor souls.

Why can’t we reason  and negotiate solutions to our collective problems? Scholars have been asking this question throughout the entire era of humanity. The only answer anyone has come up with: we do not want to work towards finding common goals. We get excited about war and the power it brings us as individuals, and we become self-righteous in our justification of it.

Perhaps the better question to ask is “why do we feel so disempowered in the first place?” Knowing the answer to this question might help us find better ways to achieve an adequate amount of power and self-esteem without killing other people. In doing so, we would put the prospect of war back into a proper logical perspective-an undesirable last resort that is chosen when no other options to save the people exist.


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