The Difference


Newscasters across the country are portraying Americans as divided. We don’t agree on much of anything if you believe the reporters. Most politicians would agree with the news outlets that our differences are destroying us as a nation. Conflict, it would seem, makes our world go ’round; that is, according to the polls.

It’s true that we Americans love drama-just look at our entertainment choices. We value our DVR’s almost as much as our beloved sporting events. Some of us are trying to stand out from the crowd, and others are hoping to blend into it. Each of us wants to have a good life, but we are too quick to blame others when things go wrong.

Maybe it’s time we look at our differences as opportunities instead of weaknesses or strengths. The gay accountant who lives next door to you might offer to help you with your budget if you say “hi” every now and then. The young “thug” that takes your parking spot all the time is a perfect workout partner, because you each have identical schedules and an interest in fitness.

Our differences are our greatest potential. When we take the initiative and learn about each other, we gain knowledge, skills, wisdom and insight. This enriches our lives and our communities in a priceless way. Imagine how much stronger our nation could be if we embraced our differences and used our combined talents in a perfect harmony!


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