Bad Medicine


Tennesee Governor and Committee Vice Chair Governor Bill Haslam, during the National Governer’s Association Education, Early Childhood and Workforce Committee on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

Professions are officially recognized and highly regulated entities that exist for the trust and benefit of all people. Professionals comprise licensed individuals who must meet rigorous training and examination requirements at each stage of their career. When you join a profession, you must legally adhere to a code of ethics that protects people from abuses of power and guarantees the continuity and integrity of that profession. After you sign that ethics code, you are honored with the great privilege and responsibility to fulfill your duties as directed and serve all of your clients without bias.

According to the New Civil Right Movement, Tennessee changed that today:

This sets a dangerous precedent that has the potential to topple an enduring institution that has benefited mankind – medicine. Without serving everyone, we risk not only the potential for tremendous inequalities but also the further erosion of community health. Despite the debasement of segregated services, there are already too many shortages of medical care in most areas of the US. We don’t want people excluded at any point because their lack of treatment will impact all of us. We do want to trust that our medical professionals are taking care of us and our community members.

I need to know that paroled sex offenders are getting their vaccinations and their mental health services, and I trust that the drug addicted teens in my son’s class are offered adequate contraceptive care and addiction treatment services. This isn’t about trying to fool around with the Christian right to worship; it’s about doing the right thing for humanity – apparently something they are no longer teaching in the modern church.


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