Microsoft AI Bot


Lots of people are questioning the use of artificial intelligence these days. In light of the disastrous Microsoft AI Bot experiment, where the robot picked up and spewed out hate speech, our ambivalence about it might actually have merit. You see, the problem with “AI” is its reflection of the human condition. The state of our current collective condition is quite an unpleasant sight, lately.

The irony lies in the amount of time, effort, and money we spend to perfect our portrayal of physical attractiveness to the world. Yet, we don’t hide our innermost grotesque being as well on the internet. On the contrary, we let t all spill out while cloaked in our veils of anonymity behind our ever-present keyboards and screens.

Tay, the AI bot, was learning to be human over the world wide web, and she was collecting a ton of hate. Perhaps the world is not ready for her kind. After all, we haven’t found out how to get along with our own kind yet.


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