Politely Correct


I hope you wouldn’t tell an overweight woman to get her fat rear-end out of your way. If so, you are a real jerk! Sure, you have the same right to free speech as any other jerk; however, that woman has some rights, too! You don’t have to like her rights, and you can call them “politically correct,” but that won’t get you out of a harassment charge that she files against you.

Why do we have to legislate common decency? Because of people who thrive on power and control at the expense of other people. The term “politically correct” has recently become a favored scapegoat for excusing one’s own bad behavior. Lately, this type of behavior has plummetted from the offensive use of political and media powers into a degrading and despicable kind of violence incitement.

The bottom line: your words matter. They may provoke love, generosity, and hope. They may incite fear, anger, and intolerance. You get to decide what kind of world you would like to speak into existence, but you will be responsible for your words and your world. That is the way it has always and will always be. No excuses allowed.


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