Socially Engineered


People have always had an “inner dialogue” telling us what we believe about ourselves and our world. Thanks to social media, we are able to project our private thoughts out into the world. The only problem is that sometimes the dialogue is skewed.

Traditionally, people have sought out counseling for assistance in attaining congruity with such “negative self-talk.” Today, we are more likely to join like-minded social media groups that support and encourage our skewed views.

Our social media “cliques” bolster our esteem and reject those who don’t think like we do. Left unchecked, they sometimes become “factions” in a global society that strives to achieve power and dominance over others.

Think about that before you post your controversial or divisive opinions through memes on Facebook. Is it really necessary, and what could be the “ripple effect” of it? Most importantly, how does it affect YOU?


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