I’ve been fighting the Men’s Rights Movement (MRA) for years. My experience with them began in their infancy and continues to this day. MRA recruits are usually guys (or 2nd wives) who are pissed off about paying child support to an ex. Recruits are encouraged by the movement leadership to blame the women’s rights movement towards equality for all their worldly problems. MRA leadership takes great efforts to train them in the finer arts of terrorizing (stalking) women. Besides trolling women such as myself online, they treat their own wives and children as collected possessions or trophies, not as people. When their wives (aka property) leave them after years of abuse, they are far more likely to commit familicide. MRA’s are growing exponentially here and around the world. Worse, they have begun to partnerships with the KKK and other powerful factions both here and abroad.

Today, I learned where some of their power and money comes from, at least in the US. Have you ever heard of Milo Yiannopoulos? Google it. He’s the pro-rape guy that several Canadian Mayors ran out of town after his plot to hold secret MRA meetings up there was discovered. Now, his boss from Breitbart is Donald Trump’s top advisor. And yes, Milo still works at Breitbart. These people are using the exact same tactics that ISIS does to recruit angry, unstable young men and turn them into power and control freaks, then finally into cold-hearted killers. They exploit others for power and money. They began actively recruiting conservatives about 10 years ago, but the internet has helped speed things up within the past 5 years.

As a former Right-to-Life and Conservative, and through my many years of experience working with and studying socio/psychopathy, I feel I have some unique insights that most people have not considered. Do a little research instead of blindly gulping down whatever is handed to you. Don’t let yourself be played like a deck of cards. In typical pathological fashion, the bad guys try to convince you that everyone else is doing the dastardly deeds done by themselves while appearing just as sweet as can be. They have studied us, they know exactly which buttons to press, and they will use our personal weaknesses against us. It is very easy to become entrapped by manipulation professionals, and few of us have been trained to recognize their tactics.

By the way, don’t be surprised to see the disabled and the elderly targeted next. Why? Because they are considered to be weak and less likely to fight back. Plus, they are already putting propaganda out on social media that appears to show the Dems advocating mandatory euthanasia. In the realm of power and money, it’s about the survival of the fittest; they dispose of those who are deemed to be “spent.” Mark my words. Evil is the same today as it was yesterday whether it is done by Muslims, Christians, or anyone else. I truly hope you will think about these issues before you jump on the blacklivesmatter or whitelivesmatter bus and effectively become a lump of putty in the hands of the wicked.


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