Quiet Please!


I could be a tad biased as a successful, yet secret introvert, but I really believe that people talk way too much. And it’s getting worse! Wherever I go lately, I cannot escape the din of constant and might I add, ridiculously redundant, socially lubricating blather. Even worse are the guffaws and posturing of those I have labeled “power props,” who akin to that of a washed-up used car salesman, exploits each opportunity to mark his shrinking territory and radiate his fictional accomplishments.

Part of the blame might lie with the appearance of TVs everywhere people spend time socializing. Let me ask you this: Have you been to a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar recently without one or more competing screens flashing  and blaring out the days sporting or news highlights at you, usually with a loud enough volume that everyone in the place can hear it? Few would deny it. Surely, this is the antecedent to the cacophony of each gathered group yelling to assure their points are heard. It doesn’t stop after they leave because they still struggle to be heard.

One of the saddest consequences of this spectacle occurs when families no longer value quiet thinking time. Yes, I know kids have always completed homework assignments to the beat of nearly one hundred decibels, but they usually had limits imposed by Mom and Dad. Not so anymore! The modern home is noted for an endless array of bells, beeps, and alarms. Some people never turn off their TVs and radios because they don’t want the pets to feel lonely. We social butterflies and our young social caterpillars have guests over nearly every day.  We all have a self-imposed Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, and there is no longer any room for daydreaming or any other kind of creative process.




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