National Priorities


By Nbfinest1 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Our national priorities have become loud and clear during this campaign season. I’m seeing lots of concerns about jobs, race relations, presidential health, immigration, etc. These are pertinent to most Americans; nevertheless, there are a few egregious omissions that must also be addressed.

Domestic Violence: It adversely affects people of every age bracket, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and sex. Often beginning in the home via child neglect and abuse, it advances into the school as bullying. It transforms into misogyny, stalking, pedophilia, and elder abuse. Most recently, we are seeing its effects in a nationwide epidemic of mass shootings.

Education: Although the prevailing trend points towards scapegoating “today’s lazy kids” for our failing public school system, education has always been a responsibility of capable adults. Why can we not agree on common standards and then provide adequate funding for them? There is absolutely no excuse for holding our children hostage five days a week and then throwing them out into the real world to sink or swim without adequate preparation!

Healthcare: I’m not referring to universal coverage, although that should be a no-brainer too. HIPPA was supposed to provide protection for “health consumers” by assuring privacy and portability of medical records. Instead, it created what I refer to as “McDoctors” that instead of analyzing their patients’ symptoms,  spend less than five minutes administering a computer checklist assessment: “You take these medicines, correct? You are due for a pap next month. There’s no lab work to review today. Blood pressure’s good. Next!” Subpar treatment standards for women in particular, including climbing maternal mortality rates, are a national disgrace.

America, it is about time you get your shit together! Entire generations are negatively impacted by your indifference. How could that possibly be good for the future of this country?


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