Buying Hope


By Myself, TaranWanderer ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Plenty of politicians and journalists are in the business of selling fear. Too many of us are buying it. We are afraid of everything from becoming unemployed to witnessing terrorism. Fear paralyzes us and leads to debilitating anxiety. We stop striving for goals and put our energy into holding the familiar more tightly. But not all of us are buying into the fearmongering profiteers.

Our most recent generation of young adults has grown up in a state of hypervigilance following the 9-11 terror attacks. They are not happy about inheriting so many of the world’s problems, but most are dealing with the legacy in positive ways. These new adults are ready to roll up their sleeves and make repairs to our broken society.

But not all of them have a sense of optimism for the future. Their parents don’t believe their kids will have a better future than their own. These kids grew up learning that life is all about how to “get by” rather than how to become successful. Millenial parents are the first generation to ever to have such a pessimistic outlook on their children’s futures.

We can only hope that despite their parents’ fears, the resilient nature of the post 9-11 generation will remain strong enough to continue reaching for a better life than that which they have been bestowed.


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