Selling The News


By David Kinney from Oak Park, USA (Salesman (original)) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Whatever happened to our concept of fair and balanced news journalism? News as entertainment is not ethical, nor is it profitable. There are good reasons journalists should remain as objective and unbiased as possible. They wield enough power to influence people’s thoughts and behavior – enough to influence a country’s future course.

I’m not interested in a newscasters bubbly personality, nor do I care how engaging he or she is on social media sites. What does concern me; however, is the gobbling up of small-town newspapers by mass media conglomerates. They keep a “bare-bones” staff to report the same fluffy nonsense in each print media source they own. How can that be good for communities or news consumers?

In my opinion, a news organization holds a sacred duty to report original, accurate information gathered from reputable sources. There should be very little use of syndication; rather, the focus should be on stories of local, not regional interest. The use of fact based instead of opinion based commentary should be the gold standard of every press. When opinions are offered, they must be noted as such – OPINIONS and not facts. Furthermore, alternative views must be offered at the same time and without editorial bias.

We as a people have a civic duty to expect high standards of journalism, and I believe many of us do. We aren’t buying the rubbish offered by those corporate peddlers. But we must find a way to stop them from obstructing the real news, or in some cases, promoting irresponsible and dangerous propaganda.


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