Dear Millennials:


These are difficult times for you as the winning political party attempts to scapegoat you for all of America’s problems – problems that you did not create and for whom your accusers are in fact, directly responsible:  government upheaval, family disintegration, and societal inequalities.  As if this isn’t bad enough, too many older conservatives and their “Mini-me’s” are regressing into schoolyard bullies by using tactics like name-calling and physical posturing.   When that doesn’t work, they attempt to assert their control over you with bad parenting tactics like yelling, shaming and hitting.

Instead of blaming the future generation, they should actually be preparing you to take over the reigns of their responsible civic duties.  In light of this, please don’t take the failures or those of their offspring too personally.  You go right ahead and grieve the greatest loss in American history so you can let go and move on with your lives (something they are incapable of). Despite being called “crybabies” and “libtards,” you are stronger than they have ever been.  Being not only highly educated but wise beyond your years, you know the value and purpose of healthy emotions AND sound reasoning.

Your generation knows what the conservative idea of “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” is all about:

  • Many of you had to survive the terrors of their broken marriages, their addictions, and in some cases, their complete absences from your lives.
  • Nobody “handed” you an education or a job; rather, you learned how to make due with what you have,  became skilled by utilizing the few opportunities available to you, and worked hard to become independent.
  • Your generation has faced constant social experimentation that demanded nothing less than peak performance and was sometimes enforced through unnecessary and dangerous medication for many of you.
  • You had to fill in the gaps of a broken educational system that failed to adequately prepare you for life outside of the classroom.
  • Terrorism and the so-called “War on Terror” have had a tremendous impact on every single aspect of your lives.
  • Drugs and the so-called “War on Drugs” have targeted you as objects of distrust by the very generation that made them popular.

As a result of these imposed stressors, some of you developed resilience while others fell into misfortune.  You became the smartest and most technologically advanced generation in history.  The haters don’t understand it, so they are jealous of you. Don’t permit their anger to take up residence inside of your soul.  Instead, allow yourself time to heal from yet another traumatic life event caused by them.  Afterward, it would be a good time to send a message to your critics.  Let them know that:

a).  their days of youthful glory are over,


b).  they are not your f**cking parents!

This is your life, and now is your time to build up your world.  Don’t let anyone discourage you from claiming the future that you deserve.  It is still well within your grasp. The nostalgic folks may not like it, but that is their problem and not yours.  It is a well-known fact that misery loves company, but you should not be pressured into degrading yourself, your intelligence, and your values by providing it to them.

Image by Pyancey (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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