Cast Souls, Not Stones

The Holy Bible is an epic saga about people seeking God throughout the generations of humankind.  They know a Creator who is all-powerful, steadfast, righteous, and never-changing; a complete opposite of themselves. As they wander towards an elusive promised land, the Israelites are in constant struggle with the current occupants along their route. Each time God tells them to do one thing, they do the other. They remain socially inept, emotionally despaired, and spiritually void during the entire journey. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Amidst their stubbornness, control issues, and constant bickering, they are enslaved under an Egyptian Pharaoh. God takes pity on them and shows them what real power looks like then gives them another chance. They receive many more chances throughout the Old Testament. But they are fixated on power instead of on His guidance. They find themselves enslaved by oppressive regimes again and again. So God decides to show them how it should be done in person.

Everybody likes a little entertainment now and then, so when this Jesus fellow arrived on the scene, people are curious. He is a welcome distraction from the daily grind of their depressive existence. His message is simple: LOVE OTHERS. They think it quaint even as He expects them to try doing it. They figure he is schmoozing the crowds in order to build a militia that will fight Caesar and take back their inherited land. But when that doesn’t happen, some take matters into their own hands, and others simply abandon Him.

In the end, the Christ Revolution was not about reclaiming power. It was about EMPOWERING people to live their lives THE WAY He had always intended them to. He showed them how to rise above selfish ambition and pride. He taught them to build people up rather than stoning them to death. He showed us true spirit and worship has absolutely nothing to do with the construction of temple walls or the instillation of human kings. He was THE KING because as an all powerful God, he knew it was best to reduce himself into a helpless human baby for the benefit of all mankind – that they may become just like HIM.

By Photodocumentationbroker (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (,                                     via Wikimedia Commons



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