Facebook: The Perfect Platform

This article appeared on my Facebook news feed recently:



I haven’t launched into a Facebook rant lately, so here I go. As many of you know, The Human Mirror was born out of my advocacy work with Human Rights Vs. Stalkers. It was the perfect platform to reach out to victims and perpetrators until 1) it became a pay for exposure scheme, 2) it began eliminating privacy protections for victims, and 3) it failed to respond adequately to online abuse reports.

After a couple of years, I concluded that the root of all human suffering was caused by the same base instincts of a typical stalker’s behavior, and decided to try out a new direction. Unfortunately, Facebook cares more about profits than community building, which has left my community page with nearly nonexistent exposure options unless I pay $5 to “promote my posts.” That will NEVER happen!

But then, I believe that Facebook expanded it’s “pseudo-science” experiment into human communication patterns. In my opinion, users only see what the Facebook algorithm allows based on our “online interactions.” I find this type of social engineering to be not only unethical but utterly abhorrent! This is the equivalent of inserting a virus into the system that will continue to spread until it has run its course.

But the virus has divided into many different subtypes, all of which infect the hosts’ thought processes. The effects run the gamut from simple trendsetting to an online bullying epidemic to political upheaval. This has gone beyond “social cliques” and is now being exploited by some REALLY BAD DUDES like men’s’ rights activists, white supremacists, and communist dictators.

Free speech and fascism are not necessarily mutually exclusive folks. We can have one without the other via common sense community standards; aka DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES. The only problem is that Facebook has no mutually agreed upon ground rules because it is run by a CEO. Sure, he may be a nice guy, but he only sees what matters to him, and not us. That is exactly what allows the social virus to spread unchecked.


2 thoughts on “Facebook: The Perfect Platform

    1. I will educate and advocate until the problem is addressed and a choice is made, preferably one that balances community standards with freedom of speech. I believe the message is being heard by those in power. If the election complaints didn’t get their attention, then I’m pretty sure the Orlando lawsuit will. As always, my objectives are simply to get people thinking about why and how we have arrived at this point, brainstorm possible solutions, and deliver the concluding information to the masses. Each is left to deal with the dilemmas presented in accordance with their personal conscience.

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