Good People Gone Bad?

achterkant_cabine_good_times_bad_times_28940899123029_28229Everything appears to have come down to an “us against them” mentality as we slip further into a vortex of global social disparity.  The self-righteous person might reason that there is a great separation opening up between those who are good and those who are evil, but they only deceive themselves with such logic.  Others who realize that the answer is not quite so simple are quick to blame “globalism” as our divisive culprit.  History reminds us that we would all be better off if we could just keep to ourselves and mind our own business.  But history also points out that as social creatures, it is impossible for us to do this.

Okay, then let’s blame the media for getting us all riled up to the point that our Facebook friends have become our enemies.  There is some truth to that one but let’s face it; we already couldn’t stand most of them and vice versa.  But we were too afraid to speak up for ourselves because we didn’t want to alienate anyone.  We wanted to be accepted by them. In our quest to belong to different and often opposing groups, we somehow lost track of ourselves.  Then they turned against us anyways because they were against us from the start.  They wanted an entourage, and we failed to comply.

Do I believe people are inherently rotten then?  Yes and no.  I believe they are socialized inadequately by a mentally deranged and power-hungry society – one that emphasizes money, competition and success above all else.  Our socially engineered systems of inequality, similar to bad marriages, result in power thrusts which lead to resentment, abuse, and despair.  It is a broken system that must be fixed or else everything will fall apart.   But first, we must honestly admit our powerlessness and seek out professional help that will lead to lasting change.  Most marriages cannot handle that, and therein lies the rub.

Image by Solar Guard Exclusive Truck Parts from Hoek van Holland, Netherlands (Achterkant cabine Good Times Bad Times) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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