Glass of Red Wine with a bottle of Red Wine for halloween

Victimizing people to become powerful is just pathetic. When I see an all-powerful leader causing death and despair without the blink of an eye, I wonder how such a thing could happen. Then I realize that tyrants become tyrants by giving their bloodthirsty admirers exactly what they want. Just look at the comments section on any social media news stories, and if you have anything resembling a soul, you will feel literally sick at the bloodlust out there.

It should not surprise me in these days of injustice and vigilanteism. Everywhere I look anymore, I find people who pretend to be police officers or military men. They create a fake code of honor in order to go out and kick some ass, but they don’t want any of the training or responsibilities that come with the actual job. What they do want is the sense of respect and superiority that comes with the title. Confronting them with the truth seems futile because they don’t want to hear it. They crave power more than they fear any punishment. Power has become their drug of choice.

Then how do we get them to sober up if all they ever do is deny, deny, deny? Honestly, I don’t think we can. Perhaps a better question to ask is how do we push them back? We resist their agenda. And we capture the hearts of their children, hoping to influence their lives and equip them to build a better future for everyone. So far, that is the only idea I can come up with.

By Evan Swigart from Chicago, USA (Vampire Blood) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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