Letter to the Other Side


I’m all for listening to the other side. After all, different people look at things differently. Take vanilla and chocolate ice cream for example. I think they are both great, but I favor chocolate the most. There are people that delight in the first snowflakes of winter, yet I dread them as a prequel to a long, tedious cold spell. But I’m not likely to blame and shame those friends and family members who feel otherwise. That would make me a real jerk.

However, there is a time when one grows weary of taking the high road or playing defense. I’m there. From this point forward, I will always tell it as I see it despite the walls placed in front of me. I play offense. After months and months of being ignored, belittled, called names, threatened, attacked, and being otherwise held in contempt and disrespected in every way possible for my political beliefs, I choose to stand up to my aggressors – people who cannot allow any freedom of thought or opinion that doesn’t validate their own mindset as being vastly superior to mine. My choice is not for the faint of heart.

Losing people I genuinely care about is painful, but losing myself to their values would be infinitely worse. I look at it this way: I once broke my arm, and it was awful. My career depended on the use of that arm, but I didn’t think it would ever return to normal again. The doctor assured me that the separated bone would grow back together. In fact, he said it would be stronger than it had ever been before, reducing the risk of a repeat injury. Though it took a heck of a lot of time to heal, it is stronger than ever, as is my career and my life.

So I decided to fight back hard when attacked. Here are a few “offensive” rants I posted in response to the disrespect of my thoughts and opinions in person as well as on Facebook by the people closest to me.

To those who condemned my participation in the post-inauguration Women’s March:

You are just now getting a taste of what I’ve dealt with for a long time from people like you, and you respond in the typical way you always do: blame, shame, belittle, degrade. I’m not sorry for hurting your feelings because I’m done playing defense in this stupid little game that YOU created. I marched for women who have been set on fire by their “loving” husbands, for kids who are raped while their single mothers try to make ends meet as they fight battles that were stacked against them before they were born. These are things you are clueless about as you play nice with each other in your ridiculous, little, privileged bubbles.

A response to those gun lovers who called me an unpatriotic crybaby:

By the way, regarding those god-given guns you arrogantly brag about – have you ever had one shoved down your throat? Because I have. Yet when I try exercising my constitutional right, you’re offended? I have zero fucks to give about your “indignity” when I am standing up for myself and my people. I’ve been called “a rioter, a butt-hurt snowflake (how childish is that?), and a libtard.” The truth is you don’t know me, you never cared to, and you are as selfish as selfish gets. Since you know you’re the special ones, you should all go melt into your big ‘ole social snowball and feel good about yourselves again. I’ll be doing the same tedious work I’ve been doing for ages, whether you like it or not.

My reaction to hypocrites using religious propaganda as a weapon to infringe on my beliefs and freedoms:

‘I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!’ That’s cute (name deleted), but we were the first to point out the “fake news” epidemic quite some time ago. As far as “Sharia Law” goes, we’re on our way to it by the so-called “Religious Right.” Even so, I will not be afraid of these false prophets and their apostate teachings. I was there in the pew when it started, and I know where it leads to. I was one of the first members of the Right-to-Life Party until I found out what the end goal was. Your father and I have studied the Bible for years, unlike many of them. Yet, you will not see us picking out an Old Testament verse to excuse the evils of our political party. We have moved far ahead to the New Testament that tells us that all God’s children deserve dignity and respect.

Although micro-aggressions, insults, mockery, and invalidations were designed to assure my silence, these walls like everything else, have fractures and are able to be breached. Those who want war will find war because I have absolutely no intention of giving up or going away. I hope people facing similar trials will find the courage to resist their bullies as well. Having lost all of my Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, and most of my Christian friends and family members after putting my thoughts on Facebook, I’m frankly relieved to be rid of them. Do I regret it? Hell, no – those jerks soooo had it coming!
 Image by Virginia State Parks [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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