Diversity Matters


I went to a sign waving rally in front of Congressman Ron DeSantis’ office recently. A handful of Trump supporters crashed it before most of us arrived. The contrast between the opposing groups was stunning. We had an extremely diverse group with mostly positive messages of welcoming immigrants in our community.

The opposition simply chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump” while waving big flags and stalking our participants and shouting in our faces. Their level of conformity was kind of creepy, and I’m glad the police kept them in line, but I couldn’t help but feel sad for them too. Why would anyone want our beautiful country turned into such a dreary existence? How empty their lives must be to hold such blinding and angry allegiance to a mere businessman who is nothing more than a pawn in an evil plot?

When school let out, a bunch of teens came running up to one of them, giving him a big, warm hug before crossing the street to protest on our side. It was a moment I shall never forget. We have had every right to be furious with those who enabled the Republican Regime to steal our home, but in time, and when they have realized what they sold for a pittance, we will need to forgive and love them anyways. Then, we will teach them to live.


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