There is undeniable irony in the religious right, who believe they are following God’s will in their endorsement, support, and deification of Donald Trump. His Republican Regime is built on propaganda, social engineering, and endless lies. Christians should recognize this behavior as being congruent with the biblical “Father-of-Lies,” aka Satan. Churches have been futilely warning people not to fall for his tricks for over two thousand years. Where did they go wrong?

At first glance, my mind goes directly to the often quoted “Seven Deadly Sins.”

Pride, envy, lust, and greed

Is it just me, or are people becoming more arrogant and self-righteous? Yes, I know that applies to myself as well. But for some, pride is used as an excuse to randomly mock and degrade others. That’s taking things a step further into the realm of humiliation and abuse. I understand that inequality is often a precursor to envy, but I am seeing some highly privileged folks act as if they are being taken advantage of by bums who are bilking the “system” for profit. Um wait; that DOES happen when millionaires create and exploit ways of tipping the scales towards their own financial goals.

Remember when Esau traded in the Lord’s blessing for his brother Jacob’s stew? That’s pretty much what Americans did with Trump. Maybe what’s really going on here is that the average middle-class white male is lusting after a piece of the rich man’s corporate pie by following the behavior of his favorite wealthy heroes. I won’t describe his other lusts, but shall we say that the nature of greed is such that it goes beyond the almighty dollar.

False prophets

Anyone can become an ordained minister; it’s quite easy. People are also quite willing to put their faith in anyone with a charismatic nature, and it’s quite likely that sociopathic exploiters have been drawn into churches like moths to the flame. But really, the majority of false prophets are found outside of churches. They charm people with the aid of various media and in person. People all want a savior that they can reach out and touch, and they will sell their souls to the enchanting ones who know how to talk the talk.


Forgetting about the Great Commission is perhaps their most common sin. Christianity is too simple and mundane for ambitious type folks to accept. They want more bang for their buck. They don’t kneel before golden calves because they have become golden calves of their own right. However, the fact remains that they are not God, their judgment and proselytization is insufficient, and they don’t have the power to save anyone. Ony the transformative power of the Almighty God can do that by providing a perfect example through Christ.

Yet, I don’t currently see any of them rallying to feed the hungry and provide shelter for the poor.  In short, their own actions betray them. Everyone who wanted a more “Christian” government with Donald Trump at the helm is now responsible unleashing a spirit of antichrist upon America. The only way to reverse the damage is to do as the Israelites did time after time: repent and humble themselves before the Almighty God.

Image by Hieronymus Bosch (circa 1450-1516 or follower [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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