Cluster Bombs


People are beginning to notice the drastic increase in chaos throughout the world. Yes, I know that they were repeatedly warned that things were spiraling out of control, but they only heard what they wanted to hear. We said racism was real, and they thought we wanted to treat black people better than white people. Our warnings of domestic violence devastation were met with judgment calls and victim blaming. When we begged them to unify by embracing diversity for the good of our nation to prevent civil war, they labeled us globalist cucks and Sharia sympathizers.

Then they defied all logic by selecting nationalist leaders who made empty promises of resurrecting some fantasy land before the present time called “The Good Old Days.” The people there could speak their minds without repercussions. To hell with those who didn’t like it! It was a simpler time with few conflicts where a man could live his life however he saw fit without government interference. His home was his castle and his family knew it. There was no divorce, no child support, no alimony, and no dividing of assets. The pecking order at home was there to maintain order. If trouble brewed, it was handled; end of story.

Until people like us came along and said, “maybe there is a better way that gives everyone the chance at a good life.” Because we learned the lessons taught to us by studying authentic historical accounts. We found that mankind knew nothing better than to conquer, steal, and kill as their means of survival. Unless we further evolved, we were a doomed species much like any other over-hunted animal. We found ways to become more civilized through governance, medicine, humanities, and science. Yes, we embraced the value of offering a liberal education to all people. That wasn’t some evil plot to turn us into academic elites. It was to save us from ourselves.

On the contrary, the actual problem lies within the financial elites who still live by the old ways; those with which they could destroy and plunder at will without any interference. It was they who felt the sting of jealousy at us common folk quickly encroaching upon their spoils. They had no intention of sharing, nor did they care about the afflictions of the lower class. They were simply doing what they had always done and did not plan to change anything about their methods of gathering wealth. Some of those methods were vile and included slave labor, illicit materials trade, treason, and child trafficking.

Is it then any surprise to see their revolt against the ideals of liberalism? Of course not! That is the driving force behind their current political invasion. They are infiltrating worldwide governments in the name of nationalism, a weapon of choice for hurling the populations into disarray. But that is not the only weapon being used in their political arsenal of cluster bombs. They have also commandeered the various forms of media and are using it to misinform and agitate us. But that isn’t the worst of it. They are using the same kind of psychological manipulation that is found in abusive relationships; techniques that prevent us from fighting back, reporting their crimes, and escaping their evil clutches.

They are using the same kind of psychological manipulation that is found in abusive relationships; techniques that prevent us from fighting back, reporting their crimes, and escaping their evil clutches. We are experiencing a type of societal Stockholm Syndrome which will likely be followed by some form of institutionally induced PTSD. That’s when national rates of suicides and homicides will rapidly climb, further exascerbating our problems. Already, people are trying to normalize the insanity being unleashed upon us and attempting to convince ourselves that we would be crazy to believe the naysayers. They will continue to bend until they finally break. The status quo will return.

Despite the fact that so much damage has already been done, it is not too late to turn things around. Every abuse survivor knows the way, and that is why we see so many women fighting back. It begins with breaking the silence and letting the secret crazy out into society. At first, nobody believes it, but they start noticing things they hadn’t seen before. Maybe there is some truth to the allegations? Trauma bonds begin to fray and more victims of psychological warfare come forward forming a united front that will ultimately defeat the tyrants. The Women’s March began this process. Other groups including Indivisible and Beyond the Moment are joining the battle. Let’s do this.

Photo by U.S. Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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