********Trigger warning: This post is not about politics!*********

I have never been a part of the in-crowd; not in high school nor in the rural area where I grew up and started a family. This was certainly not for the lack of effort on my part either. But honestly, how much drinking, repetitive activity, and belittling others can one take? It gets old, stale, and pretty depressing. I chose to accept my fate as the proverbial loner.

Then we moved to Florida. Sure there are lots of boring old cliques here, but there are so many interesting people too. I have met good people from every corner of the Earth here. Some examples: a retired Marine Major who loves and tries hard to protect her local environment, a lovely French-Canadian couple and their amazing dog, a young man of Persian heritage who is finishing his last year of college, and so many others. I cannot emphasize enough how each has impacted my life in the most positive ways.

We are building community together by respecting and learning from each other. But some of the folks I initially met here don’t like that kind of diversity. Some are Southerners and others Northerners. They like things to be the same as they always were, and they let me know it loud and clear. It really doesn’t matter to me that I don’t fit in with their “type” anymore. At least nobody can call me a loner now.


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