To Impeach Or Not

(My commentary on David Frum’s article published recently in The Atlantic.) Some are saying we must do SOMETHING, while others are saying we need to follow the CONSTITUTION. I’m reserving judgment for the time being as I gather facts and educate myself on the processes involved. As many of you know, I have a great deal of … More To Impeach Or Not

********Trigger warning: This post is not about politics!********* I have never been a part of the in-crowd; not in high school nor in the rural area where I grew up and started a family. This was certainly not for the lack of effort on my part either. But honestly, how much drinking, repetitive activity, and … More

Use It or Lose It

I listen to podcasts at the gym, the only time I can listen to them without constant interruptions, and so my attention is drawn away from the mundane discomforts of necessary exercise. My three current interests in podcast subject matter include languages, history, and literature. If you want to learn a language without spending a … More Use It or Lose It

World Building

So I decided to write a young adult dystopian fiction book. This is something new to someone who has specialized in non-fiction piecework for my entire adult life. One of the first things I have had to learn is how to build a fictional world for my characters to live in. It was a daunting … More World Building

Our Saving Grace

This Thanksgiving was different than those of years past. It had a feeling of rawness to it, likely due to divisions that are stalking every aspect of our culture. Our democratic  society is being systematically dismantled by the wealthy ruling class in each level of governance from the smallest city council all the way up … More Our Saving Grace

The Sacrifice

Thinking on the sacrifices of so many fallen soldiers and service veterans who stood bravely in the face of terrifying circumstances. It seems like everyone is quick to co-opt that service with the newest “military appreciation” fad – bumper stickers, signs, t-shirts and the like. But they don’t really understand how a deployment affects the … More The Sacrifice

We All Need A Break

The Human Mirror is on hiatus. Life has a way of demanding how your days are spent, and mine are currently being spent on other priorities. I hope this is a temporary circumstance. I’m not sure it will be. Go forth in peace as I attempt to do the same.

That’s Not Winning

As a preteen, my daughter had a friend who was ultra-competitive in everything. She had athletic prowess and she was the outgoing type of kid who never had trouble finding people to hang-out with. But she had a dark side that to my relief, eventually ended the relationship with my child. The trouble began with … More That’s Not Winning


The Human Mirror blog was preceded by a blog named Human Rights vs. Stalkers. Although some readers know that story and my reasons for it’s existence, others are unaware of the dealings my family had with a few “bad apples.” Those who are curious can find the old stalking blog on two sites that were … More Helpers