Becoming Human

Animals are facing extinction at an unprecedented rate.  Suicide rates are off the charts. Children are in cages. The saddest thing is that it would not take much effort to stop this. Simple things like discussing ways to prevent it with others, signing petitions, calling your representatives, donating a couple bucks…that would do it. What … More Becoming Human

Get Real!

“How can they be so gullible?” I ask this of my Facebook friends and family at least once a day. I’m “friends” with a staunch conservative woman that I would love to hang out with more, but she posts a ton of ridiculous nonsense about liberals – my political affiliation. For instance, yesterday’s propaganda binge … More Get Real!

The Blank Slate

Partial attribution for the highly controversial “Tabula Rasa” or “Blank Slate Theory” can be credited to the seventeenth-century philosopher,  John Locke. It goes something like this: Baby is born with absolutely nothing inside of its brain. Baby’s environment determines what will be learned. External stimuli data gets written on baby’s brain. We know that this theory is not … More The Blank Slate

Becoming Me

Eat. Work. Sleep. Die. That was the bleak mantra recited by my parents at least once a week in our home. I think their goal was to raise us with a good work ethic, which we do all have as adults. We added a few new items to the list along the way: higher education, … More Becoming Me