Looping Energy Theory

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “what goes around comes around.” Perhaps you are familiar with a similar warning – “you reap what you sow!” Is this phenomenon we like to call “karma” more than mere coincidence? Most major world religions contain a “law” that governs the world of people. In fact, many of the laws … More Looping Energy Theory

Examine Everything

We enjoy following the crowd and fitting in, but sometimes other people’s beliefs are not always healthy or accurate. Until you have looked at a situation at several different angles using multiple lenses, you really cannot fully understand an idea or concept. Educating oneself is part of our purpose in life, as is having the … More Examine Everything


Isn’t life all about beginnings? Well, that would depend on whether your cup is half full or half empty. As for me, I have chosen to live my life in a forward motion, although I grieve for loved ones who have chosen to cling to that which once was. Stevie and Patrick know what makes life meaningful. … More Beginnings