That’s Not Winning

As a preteen, my daughter had a friend who was ultra-competitive in everything. She had athletic prowess and she was the outgoing type of kid who never had trouble finding people to hang-out with. But she had a dark side that to my relief, eventually ended the relationship with my child. The trouble began with … More That’s Not Winning

After Deception

During this past year, many of us have seen the masks disappear from the faces in our social networks. We have been shocked, dismayed, and angered by their betrayal, especially after we worked so hard at building relationships with them despite their overbearing demeanors. Now that they have shown their true colors, we have been … More After Deception

Police As Peacekeeping Forces

By Raymond Wambsgans ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons   There is an existential crisis in the realm of community policing these days. Ask a police officer what his or her defining role is, and you will likely get one of the following responses: I am a member of law enforcement. I work … More Police As Peacekeeping Forces

The Worst of The Best

Photo credit: Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons Athletic. Beautiful. Charming. These are three beloved character traits that countless people expend endless energy aspiring towards beginning on their first days of formal education and persisting until the day they die. If you don’t believe this is a phenomenon limited to … More The Worst of The Best


Oh, those good old days…fun times, weren’t they? Yet, some of us look back and thank our lucky stars to have survived the reckless abandon with which we lived. But that’s neither here nor there because those days are gone forever. Despite this obvious fact, many people remain enveloped in their nostalgia nearly as much … More Nostalgia

The Difference

Newscasters across the country are portraying Americans as divided. We don’t agree on much of anything if you believe the reporters. Most politicians would agree with the news outlets that our differences are destroying us as a nation. Conflict, it would seem, makes our world go ’round; that is, according to the polls. It’s true … More The Difference

Minority Rules

A controversial study was published in 1963 called the Milgram Experiment. It involved the willingness of participants to violate their moral code when prompted by an authoritative source. Eerily similar to the Nazi party, it’s conclusion was that yes, people will do whatever they are told to do by those with perceived power. I believe the … More Minority Rules

Honor and Despair

I disagree with my husband, but I honor him as a friend, my spouse, and a worthy human being. During those rare times that I used derogatory language with him, it was ME who had lost control and was acting irrationally.  In fact, there are people I don’t like much, and although I avoid contact … More Honor and Despair