Our Saving Grace

This Thanksgiving was different than those of years past. It had a feeling of rawness to it, likely due to divisions that are stalking every aspect of our culture. Our democratic  society is being systematically dismantled by the wealthy ruling class in each level of governance from the smallest city council all the way up … More Our Saving Grace


The Human Mirror blog was preceded by a blog named Human Rights vs. Stalkers. Although some readers know that story and my reasons for it’s existence, others are unaware of the dealings my family had with a few “bad apples.” Those who are curious can find the old stalking blog on two sites that were … More Helpers

Why Human Rights?

Life is a test of strength and endurance. Our purpose is to grow into the person we were always meant to be. There is only one rule: we must do so without harming anyone or anything. Impossible, you say? Maybe so; however, attempting to meet this challenge makes us fully human. Otherwise, we are predators … More Why Human Rights?

Diversity Matters

I went to a sign waving rally in front of Congressman Ron DeSantis’ office recently. A handful of Trump supporters crashed it before most of us arrived. The contrast between the opposing groups was stunning. We had an extremely diverse group with mostly positive messages of welcoming immigrants in our community. The opposition simply chanted … More Diversity Matters

A Ring Of Fire

Over 50% of all marriages end in divorce, many of them plagued by the common issues of: Inability to communicate effectively Lack of respect for each other’s feelings Different values and goals Inappropriate conflict resolution tactics Unresolved conflicts sometimes lead to more serious relationship outcomes: Financial troubles Infidelity and STD’s Substance abuse Psychological issues Without professional intervention, … More A Ring Of Fire