There is undeniable irony in the religious right, who believe they are following God’s will in their endorsement, support, and deification of Donald Trump. His Republican Regime is built on propaganda, social engineering, and endless lies. Christians should recognize this behavior as being congruent with the biblical “Father-of-Lies,” aka Satan. Churches have been futilely warning people … More Alt-Christ

Cast Souls, Not Stones

The Holy Bible is an epic saga about people seeking God throughout the generations of humankind.  They know a Creator who is all-powerful, steadfast, righteous, and never-changing; a complete opposite of themselves. As they wander towards an elusive promised land, the Israelites are in constant struggle with the current occupants along their route. Each time God tells them … More Cast Souls, Not Stones

The Way

Human beings were never meant to cycle through each day as the hamster does in his wheel. We differ from other living beings in our need for daily meaning and life purpose. At a loss due to social constraints and economic demands, we attempt to fill what some would label a “spiritual void” with rituals … More The Way

Being Right is Wrong

A couple weeks ago, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin expressed a controversial opinion in regards to the preservation of Christianity in light of Hillary Clinton’s potential presidency. “Whose blood will be shed?” Bevin said. “It may be that of those in this room. It might be that of our children and grandchildren. I have nine children. … More Being Right is Wrong