Hard Lessons

One of the first targets in a culture war is education. I have actually witnessed this back when I was still attending evangelical church services. Churches in my rural township were always on the brink of financial disaster, but there was one segment that ALWAYS got a huge chunk of change: the youth ministry. The … More Hard Lessons

Cluster Bombs

People are beginning to notice the drastic increase in chaos throughout the world. Yes, I know that they were repeatedly warned that things were spiraling out of control, but they only heard what they wanted to hear. We said racism was real, and they thought we wanted to treat black people better than white people. … More Cluster Bombs


Open any major newspaper to see the latest atrocity committed against innocent people somewhere in the world. These acts have become so common that we aren’t even shocked by them anymore. Apathy is a convenient non-reaction by folks who believe that these things simply happen in life, and you can’t spend your life worrying about … More Depersonalization


There is undeniable irony in the religious right, who believe they are following God’s will in their endorsement, support, and deification of Donald Trump. His Republican Regime is built on propaganda, social engineering, and endless lies. Christians should recognize this behavior as being congruent with the biblical “Father-of-Lies,” aka Satan. Churches have been futilely warning people … More Alt-Christ

Devastating Denial

Perhaps the most mind-boggling paradox of the human condition is our unwillingness to accept facts that could prevent us from a future of despair. Preconceived notions and inherent privileges are our drugs of choice. An excellent example of this and one with which I am intimately familiar is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Prevention educators have … More Devastating Denial