Social Maladaptation

When a teenager gets in trouble with the law, we sometimes blame social maladaptation. In these cases, we observe behavioral issues with the absence of psychological antecedents. Therapy may necessary but insurance companies require diagnosis, so we invent labels such as “conduct disorder.”  Yet, the majority of youth with social maladaptation problems do not get … More Social Maladaptation

Good People Gone Bad?

Everything appears to have come down to an “us against them” mentality as we slip further into a vortex of global social disparity.  The self-righteous person might reason that there is a great separation opening up between those who are good and those who are evil, but they only deceive themselves with such logic.  Others … More Good People Gone Bad?

Cast Souls, Not Stones

The Holy Bible is an epic saga about people seeking God throughout the generations of humankind.  They know a Creator who is all-powerful, steadfast, righteous, and never-changing; a complete opposite of themselves. As they wander towards an elusive promised land, the Israelites are in constant struggle with the current occupants along their route. Each time God tells them … More Cast Souls, Not Stones

The Way

Human beings were never meant to cycle through each day as the hamster does in his wheel. We differ from other living beings in our need for daily meaning and life purpose. At a loss due to social constraints and economic demands, we attempt to fill what some would label a “spiritual void” with rituals … More The Way

Dear Millennials:

These are difficult times for you as the winning political party attempts to scapegoat you for all of America’s problems – problems that you did not create and for whom your accusers are in fact, directly responsible:  government upheaval, family disintegration, and societal inequalities.  As if this isn’t bad enough, too many older conservatives and their … More Dear Millennials:

The Wise Monkeys?

By Huckfinne (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons   In light of the recent election, I’d like to reiterate the old parable where wisdom takes a back seat when our eyes become overly fixated on the prize. Whether it involves doomed star-crossed lovers or nibbling one more tiny slice of cake, the end … More The Wise Monkeys?