Looping Energy Theory


You’ve probably heard the old adage, “what goes around comes around.” Perhaps you are familiar with a similar warning – “you reap what you sow!” Is this phenomenon we like to call “karma” more than mere coincidence?

Most major world religions contain a “law” that governs the world of people. In fact, many of the laws of modern society are based upon earlier religious tenets. Some would argue that we need laws to keep the masses under control, and others would state their case for the abolishment of all laws as an unnecessary social class division construct. But what if the natural law of karma, which I have named “Looping Energy Theory” is real?

Personally, I believe that it is just as real as the laws of gravity are. I think the formation of religions and governments attempt to be a mirror the natural law in a similar manner to science and the fine arts. While I don’t advocate for the removal of mankind’s many useful rituals, I do feel secure in the knowledge that justice is always served, eventually. That takes a load of pressure off me and puts it back where it belongs: on the bad guys.

Sometimes I even feel sorry for the bad guys, because that which is likely to destroy them could be avoided at several points in their lives. Conversely, Looping Energy Theory isn’t only a measure of punishment – it’s also a measure of reward. Instead of treating life as a commodity to be obtained, each of us has been given the choice of embracing life as a gift to be treasured or a skill to be developed. Selecting that worldview over a pessimistic and selfish mindset would create the necessary energy to change a maladaptive life trajectory to a more positive one.

The last opportunity to change the energy in a trajectory occurs shortly after some type of bad behavior is displayed. That is when a person still has the ability and the capacity to admit and BELIEVE that “I was WRONG, and I want to CORRECT my maladaptive tendencies.” Yes, it most certainly is possible to own up to the fact that we are not as perfect as we pretend to be. But a warning: that capacity rapidly diminishes as more time goes by and we fall prey to personal delusions!

It isn’t enough to dismiss our “mistakes” without actively working towards better life standards. We must change. On a positive note, the more adaptive life standards we build, the better effect looping energy will have on us. Instead of living in a vortex of despair and defeat, we can be lifted and carried upon waves of success!


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