The Sacrifice

Thinking on the sacrifices of so many fallen soldiers and service veterans who stood bravely in the face of terrifying circumstances. It seems like everyone is quick to co-opt that service with the newest “military appreciation” fad – bumper stickers, signs, t-shirts and the like. But they don’t really understand how a deployment affects the … More The Sacrifice

Social Maladaptation

When a teenager gets in trouble with the law, we sometimes blame social maladaptation. In these cases, we observe behavioral issues with the absence of psychological antecedents. Therapy may necessary but insurance companies require diagnosis, so we invent labels such as “conduct disorder.”  Yet, the majority of youth with social maladaptation problems do not get … More Social Maladaptation

Quiet Please!

I could be a tad biased as a successful, yet secret introvert, but I really believe that people talk way too much. And it’s getting worse! Wherever I go lately, I cannot escape the din of constant and might I add, ridiculously redundant, socially lubricating blather. Even worse are the guffaws and posturing of those … More Quiet Please!


      Our double-minded culture has a love-hate relationship with sex. We put so much emphasis on good sex, but we show concern for those who don’t conform to standard practices. People decry deviancy in the public squares and relish doing the dirty stuff in secret. Their bedroom behavior is both repressed and revolutionary … More Amatory

Microsoft AI Bot

Lots of people are questioning the use of artificial intelligence these days. In light of the disastrous Microsoft AI Bot experiment, where the robot picked up and spewed out hate speech, our ambivalence about it might actually have merit. You see, the problem with “AI” is its reflection of the human condition. The state of our current … More Microsoft AI Bot

Cult of Personality

A hit song of the late 80’s made a bold statement about abuses of power by political leadership. Many of today’s young people don’t know what the term “cult of personality” refers to, and sadly, neither do their baby-boomer parents. That is extremely surprising to me as a former 80’s peacemaker wannabe teenager. I was going to … More Cult of Personality

War and Peace

Peace is not the natural state of the world. Unfortunately, mankind has preferred war as a method of “conflict resolution” since the beginning of recorded history. We need only look towards the middle east to see how the remnants can destroy the human spirit. Despair and revenge have taken control of the lives of many … More War and Peace

Pain and Suffering

Sometimes pain is acute yet temporary. Or the suffering may continue due to a physician’s inability to find it’s source. Perhaps too much tissue has been damaged and further treatments won’t work. Then there is the frustration caused by a chronic condition that although unlikely to be fatal, will chip away at one’s being day after … More Pain and Suffering