Le Motif

Perspective is the key to both understanding and denial. For instance, I believe affirmative action is a good thing because of the discrimination my friends have faced. Some people have an entirely different view and consider it to be special treatment for those who don’t deserve it. Their worldview may be limited to that of … More Le Motif

The Value of Life

Nope, I’m not talking about abortion or euthanasia (perhaps another time). Scientific American magazine recently published a study about the effect touching currency has on us, particularly on youngsters. When it comes to the almighty dollar, it seems that people will forget about morals and manners. The prospect of getting our hands some cash usually … More The Value of Life


The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the term perfection as “an exemplification of supreme excellence.” So, what exactly does that mean? When we flip over to the page containing supreme, we find the following definition: “highest in degree or quality : greatest or highest possible.” Similarly, looking up excellence yields a description of “an excellent or valuable quality.” … More Perfection


Perhaps you have heard of a concept called re-parenting? It involves taking a troubled youth under one’s wing for the purpose of gently guiding him towards away from his familiar dysfunctional lifestyle and towards a healthier one. The method has seen success in various settings, particularly when the biological parents are absent. What if we … More Reliving


The first thing a new social work student learns is that the most effective form of “therapy” for your client has nothing to do with psychological theory; rather, it all depends on if your client perceives that you genuinely CARE about him or her. Having somebody honor you as a valued human being, and their … More Ascendance