Dear Millennials:

These are difficult times for you as the winning political party attempts to scapegoat you for all of America’s problems – problems that you did not create and for whom your accusers are in fact, directly responsible:  government upheaval, family disintegration, and societal inequalities.  As if this isn’t bad enough, too many older conservatives and their … More Dear Millennials:

Buying Hope

By Myself, TaranWanderer ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Plenty of politicians and journalists are in the business of selling fear. Too many of us are buying it. We are afraid of everything from becoming unemployed to witnessing terrorism. Fear paralyzes us and leads to debilitating anxiety. We stop striving for goals and put our … More Buying Hope

We Are Seedlings

Have you ever noticed that we’re kinda like planted seeds waiting to germinate? Like, we are here for a purpose, you know? Some of us aren’t going to make it into that intoxicating fresh air under those rays of glorious warm sunshine. Our environment isn’t good enough to sustain our lives. But those who make … More We Are Seedlings